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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to All The Things (Hopefully!)


Q: How do updates work?

A: Updates are announced via newsletters and Instagram.  These updates happen on a somehat regular basis, with the newsletter being the first place updates are announced.  

Subscribe to Knitten Word to get emails about updates, upcoming collections and appearance, and sales.  

Q: Why did something disappear from my cart when I went to checkout?

A: I'm sorry you were "cart-jacked"!  My inventory updates when someone submits an order for payment.  Sometimes that means an item will disappear from your cart because it has been paid for and is now spoken for.  

If you have your eyes on a specific colorway and base contact me and I can let you know when I plan to dye it again.  You can also place a custom order; see below.  

Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: Yes.  I will dye any of my colorways on any of my bases for you.  There is a 10% custom dying fee for anything less than a dye lot (8 skeins).  

In order to place a custom order email me at and specify the base, colorway, and quantity you would like dyed.  I will then place a custom order in the shop for you to purchase.  Please give at least 2 weeks for custom orders to go from order placement to shipping.  No coupons or discounts can be used on a custom order.

Q: What are "Happy Little Accidents"?

A: They are experiments of trying to create a new colorway.  The yarn is absolutely fine, I just do not plan to recreate this color or make it permanent.   

Q: Where can I purchase Knitten Word?

A: Knitten Word yarn is currently for sale on my website and, on occasion, at some local yarn stores.  

Q: Can I pick up my order in-person/at an event?

A: Yes.  You can currently get your yarn delivered if you live local to me (option available at checkout) or if I will be at an event or store near you I will bring your order (please add a note at checkout).  

Q: Can I reserve yarn in an upcoming update?

A: No, I like to make updates fair to all customers.  Yarn is on a first-come-first-serve basis.  If you are dead-set on a specific yarn please contact me about a customer order.  


Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: Email is the best way to get in touch with me; you can reach me at

Please do not send messages about orders and business inquiries on Social Media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, or Ravelry.  There is no guarantee I'll see your message and respond on these platforms.  

I try to respond to order and serious business inquiries within 24 hours on Monday through Friday.  I'm East Coast based in the US and respond during standard business hours.  Please give an extra day if you reach out during the weekend or a holiday.  


Q: What do you use to dye your yarn?

A: I dye on ethically sourced wool.  The dye is professional acid dye powder and I use citric acid to set the dye.  Yarn is rinsed in cool water with a gentle, unscented, liquid soap.  

Q: Where is your yarn dyed?

A: Knitten Word is currently dyed in a house.  Yarn for sale is stored in a clean, dry, smoke-free fiber dedicated space.  I'm hoping to move out of the house and into a dedicated studio space soon.  

Q: Where do you get your supplies from?

A: A dyer can't give away all their secrets!  Youtube and the internet have great content regarding supplies and methods.  I recommend starting there!  

FAQ: Store Policies

Q: What is the best way to care for my Knitten Word finished objects?
A: While yarns that are labeled as superwash are "machine-washable" I still recommend hand washing for the best results.  Handwash knitted and crocheted items, separately, using room temperature to lukewarm water and gentle detergent or no rinse detergent.  Always air dry.  I repeat, always air dry.  I can't emphasize this enough for beautiful finished objects.  
Q: When I soak a project made with Knitten Word it bleeds a little.  Is this normal?
A: My colorways are colorfast, however, excess dye may be released during the soaking process.  This is entirely normal and you may have already noticed in your fiber journey that some colors are more likely to bleed than others.  Swatching is a great way to experiment with how a colorway will perform.  I HIGHLY recommend doing this if you plan on doing color work with a light color, to make sure the lighter color isn't effected.  
Some people recommend color-catchers for the soaking process.  I also find a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar in your first soak can help lock in some of the excess dye.  
If something has gone horribly awry, email me and I'll work to address any concerns.  

Q: Can you combine multiple orders to save me on shipping?
A: Unfortunately, I can't combine orders or adjust shipping costs.  Depending on how far apart the orders were placed I may have already shipped the first order.  
Q: I live internationally.  Do you ship outside the US?  
A: Yes!
Q: I'm traveling to the US.  Can you ship to my hotel/accommodations?
A: Definitely!  Add a note to your order in the cart and let me know when and where to send it.  Please include any information if the package needs to be addressed specifically.  
Q: I received a shipment notification but on the USPS website there is no data.  What's going on?
A:Your item has been packaged and stamped at the time you receive the notification.  It is usually collected the following day or 2 days (if the order was placed on the weekend).  Allow 1-3 business days for tracking information to appear on the USPS website.  
Q: What happens if my item is lost or stolen?
A: Please allow 14 days from shipment before contacting me, in case the item was delayed.  I also ask that you contact your local post office at the same time you reach out to me.  If your item was lost it will be replaced.  Please allow for dyeing time for the replacement.  

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Q: Does Knitten Word wholesale?
A: Yes, I wholesale, in a limited capacity.  I'm always looking for wholesale partners that have similar values and passions as myself and view these partnerships as fruitful collaborations.  Please email with any inquiries at if you'd like to find out more about wholesaling.
Q: Are you available for trunk shows?
A: Yes, I am!  Email me at to schedule a show.  
Q: Do you vend at any fiber events or festivals?  
A: At this time Knitten Word is not vending at any events or festivals.  If you work for an event or festival and would like Knitten Word at your event, please reach out to schedule something.  
Q: Do you do collaborations?
A: Heck yes!  I love a collaboration and it's always fun to combine creative vibes with another maker.  Email me your thoughts and ideas and, if applicable, a timeline.  If the collaboration seems like a good fit, we'll work something out.  

Q: Can you cake my order?
A: Currently, I do not offer ball winding services.  
Q: I purchased more than one skein of the same colorway but they look different.  What's up with this?
A: What you are seeing is what draws many people to hand-dyed yarn; the true uniqueness of each skein!  No two skeins will be identical and various factors can contribute to color placement and intensity.  
Q: My yarn became a tangles mess after I started caking up/winding my yarn.  Can you replace my skein?
A: No.  Please make sure you have removed all ties to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.  Untwist and wind your skeins with care.  I work hard to try to send out neat, tangle-free yarn.  

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