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Knitten Word and Lor

Hello! I’m Lor Cara, a CT-based yarn dyer, who is heavily inspired by the “written word”, whether it’s books, movies, podcasts, or my personal favorite, music. I first began my "fiber journey" by learning to embroider when I was 9 and picked up knitting sometime in middle school.  One thing led to another and my color obsessed heart needed to express itself on the fabric I was creating.  

I dye out of a home studio, where my constant cat companion, Kublai Khan, helps me concoct color combos for your fiber crafting pleasure. When I’m not dyeing yarn you can find me hiking with my partner Zach, drinking coffee, reading, watching anime, and learning new crafts and hobbies. When I’m not knitting you can find me cooking and baking. I’m kind of obsessed with historical cakes.

The yarn bases I dye on are named after Slavic gods and goddesses, as well as folktale characters from throughout Eastern Europe.  In a former life, as a middle school social studies teacher, one of my favorite things to explore with my students was folktales and stories.  Part of my own heritage is Slavic, specifically Lithuanian, and getting to explore and honor my heritage with my yarn is a joy.  

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